What are the various questions to ask your OEM manufacturer?

You may be thinking of creating a cosmetic brand with own brand products (produk jenama sendiri). While reaching out to an OEM company for the production of the products, you should ask the following questions.
How many years have you been in the industry?
You can work with anyone who is manufacturing and supplying the cosmetics products related to your idea. However, you might have to face some issues and challenges as the manufacturer lacks some vital knowledge and resources. Only an experienced manufacturer will know the various challenges they could face in the process. Also, they would have worked in all types of products and could adapt to whatever you ask for. They will know whom to contact for the legal approvals and other formalities. So, your products will be launched on time without any delays.
What is the specialization of the company?
Every OEM company would produce a range of products from cosmetics, skincare, medical products, and many more. According to the needs of the clients, they would use the available resources to produce the products. However, they will show slight attraction and expertise towards the production of a particular type of product within their portfolio. Either they could be an expert in cosmetics or healthcare products. It is your responsibility to find out their expertise. Although both an expert cosmetic producer and a general producer would produce the cosmetics products, the former will be effective as they know all the challenges that could arise during the processes. So, you should know their expertise before you collaborate.
What is the minimum lot order?
You could not buy a certain number of products as you wish from these OEMs. They will have a minimum lot order size that every client should order. You could not buy anything below that.